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About Us

ITECH the acronym for Information Technology has been in the IT business from 1989 specialising in Hard Disk Drives and Storage Devices across all platforms and Electronic Devices.

Over the Years of Professional Data Recovery and Advanced Digital Forensics besides servicing the regular Niche Corporate Clientele, brought about several instances in assisting Law enforcement (Police) and Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) with our In-Lab Class 100 Cleanroom Forensics Services.

From evidence gathering using Video Forensics and Disk Analysis Software's, to the advanced evidence acquisition from Damaged Devices, Including burnt devices of several high profile fire damages (intentional and unintentional) and also under Water damage by Floods, Calamities and Natural Disasters.

Mobile Phones damaged with Gun shots or intentionally damaged by a hammer, or recovering contact information from burnt Mobile Phones on burnt bodies to identified the deceased. Several High profile cases to terrorism and Blast investigations we`ve seen them all.

After some important evidence recovery and the importance for a Cyber Forensic Lab in Mumbai especially after the Mumbai Blast Case, In 2010 on request from The Mumbai Police Senior Management to assist in the Design and Commissioning of the First Dedicated Mumbai Police Cyber Forensic Lab at BKC.

Our assistance was offered from Lab Design Layout to Installation of Desktop Forensic Workstations (Deskster), Mobile Forensic Workstations (Roadster) and Equipment for Mobile Phone Forensics as per their current requirements, which we were well aware of. We also continued to assist with Training and Timely Support on request for the next 6 Years.

That's when out of this request our First Brand of Deskster and Roadster Forensic Workstations was born in 2010.

We are proud to Showcase this Series of Digital Forensic Hardware Products all Manufactured in INDIA which includes features from all our Years of Experience in the Digital Forensic Space.