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1) Role-based access for each process.
2) In-built Video Recording, Photo and Screen Capture options to Record Evidence Seal Opening and Device Condition on receipt.
3) Provide Receipt Challan to the Evidence delivery person.
4) Full Evidence Tracking and Chain of Custody Management.
5) Complete Task Management.
6) Information Management.
7) Forensic and Case Reporting.

1) Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Issues and Trace the root cause with Colour Code representation.
2) Server to Client and vice versa solutions available to trace the issues in the connectivity.
3) Customisation options along with Company Logo available for Tracing specific range of IP addresses, Subnets and Supernets.
4) Custom Designed and can be deployed in any workstation or server.

1) EDFS is a pre forensics disk application.
2) This application plays an important role in the intial process of disk forensics which includes disk health, disk wipe, disk prepare, disk imaging, disk cloning and disk restore.
3) This initial disk pre-check process is crucial as it helps save time and effort in case the disk on to which the data is either cloned or imaged fails or has bad sector areas then the entire process needs to be intimated onto another disk.