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We Build Robust, Expansive & Ultra Fast Next-Gen Machines
Uniquely Designed by Experienced Professionals from the World of Digital Forensics.

Built with Latest Technology, Highest, Quality Component, Backed By Lifetime Support.

Clonester, Hand Held Ruggedised Forensic Imaging Device Lapster, High End Forensic Laptop Cubester, Forensics Micro Workstation Roadster, High End Mobile Forensics Workstation Deskster-X, High End Extended Forensic Workstation Graphster-R Server, High End Cryptanalysis Server Labster, High End Console based Audio/Video Forensic Workstation Rackster-DC, Full Tower Rack High Performance and Storage Solution


All our Machines are Designed `Feature Rich` Solely to Achieve `Maximum Uninterrupted Case Completion` in the stipulated Office working hours.
Combined with `The Ultimate User Experience`. Designed, Built and Tested by Experienced Users.

Improved USB Transfer Speed

For Super Speed USB data transfer.

4TB Memory Support

Ensuring high memory scalabality.

SAS Compatible Bays

High End SAS III support bays.

Key Lockable Dongle Bay

Secure Dongles from unauthorised access.


High Speed SAS III bays.

Adjustable Camera

To record video of click photographs of forensic evidences.

Key Lockable Cables Bay

Secures Cables from getting misplaced or replaced.

Ticket Based Call Logging

Quick support by just logging into our portal and raise request.

High speed NVMe, M.2 and SSD

SSD Enables super fast booting and caching of forensic cases.

Upgradable models in series

Highly scalable and upgradable in almost all variants.

Key Lock for System Power On

Single key based Secure access to the workstation.

Optimize Raid Ability

Multiple RAID configuration support such as RAID 0,1,5,6,10.

All Machine are Extensively tested

To run high end forensic applications at their peak performance.

Multi Machine Connect

To ensure enabling multiple cases through each client in a less period of time.

4 X 4 Multiple Drive Parallel Cloning

High Speed Multiple Drive cloning to speed up time consuming acquisition process.

Server Connect

Enabling super fast processing of forensic caeses with centralised processing and storage.

Designed & Built by Industry experts

Tailor-made design and configuration to run forensic applications seamlessly.

Designed for Parallel processing

To enable forensic experts to run multiple applications simultaneosly and seamlessly.


Standard Proprietary Features Introduced in all Our Deskster Series of Workstations, and can be Customized as per Clients Requirements, along with
User’s Company Name and Logos on the System.


"Pioneering Change is always the Toughest Challenge, as it involves Changing Mindsets First"
It took Two Years of Sincere and Dedicated hard work put in by our Experienced Team,
to Design and Manufacture a series of Hardware products & Solutions.
"Solutions what you Need and not what we Sell.”
Excellent results at Directorate of Forensics Science Laboratories, Mumbai.
"We request a Chance to Prove Change"
--Managing Director


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Cyber Forensic Division,
DFSL, Mumbai, Maharshtra

"We are using Deskster- X Forensic Workstation for 10 months now. Excellent and Useful Cabinet Design, mainly for Dongle Protection. Supperfast Transfer Speed between Devices. Mainly No Hardware failures, No Software Hanging and Sturdy for several hours use. Importantly long awaited solution for VIP, DVR Examiner and especially NUIX."

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Vinay Vishwanth

Associates Vice-President
Lab Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"Deskster- X has provided us with a Fantastic Infrastructure Support for Video Forensics. Time taken for regular tasks like, Event / Object / Face Detection, Enhacement of CCTV Footage and Identification of tampering in Videos, have been very well Optimised Hardware-wise. This has helped in reduceing time & Resources Required in Solving Video Investigation Cases."

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Girish Firke

Senior Forensic Expert
Grab Data

"It is extremely fast in Processing cases in Intella and Magnet Axiom Forensic Applications but NUIX was Pleasant Suprise. Used regularly in majority of our cases to extract evidence data. Along with this the form factor design, user Experience, Physical security of the workstation and accessories provides uninterrrupted case processing which is what makes this a unique workstation."

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Ashish Rathod

Senior Forensic Expert

"I used Deskster- X Forensic Workstation for Video Forensics Applications like Kenesis, Impact Pro and Mandate. The initial Process of Video Import which involves frame grabbing was Super Fast compared to other Workstations. Thus Creating a Huge time difference in getting the case resolved. An Important Feature is its High CPU and RAM along with Dedicated High GPU and SSD cache, it is able to withstand multiple Processing of Various Forensic Applications running parallel without any glitch."

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